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The Catalan ephemeral art includes different disciplines styles, shapes and techniques appropriate to each of its cultural manifestations. Comprises natural elements of short duration. Therefore, for valuable and beautiful it is, its existence is limited to the view of the elements that shape. When items wilt lose life's work and design until just fade away.

In Catalonia ephemeral art has over two centuries of history represented by the enramadas carpets of flowers for floral art and other disciplines, such as the arrangement of streets, ornaments, etc.. This story reminds us of the expressions of religion in the late nineteenth century, the feast of Corpus Christi. It has its origins in order to give a more fresh, fragrant and perfumed to the streets where the procession passed. Start with enramadas to adorn the doorways and streets with different materials and esparciment flower petals and scented broom, born later carpets of flowers with colors, figures and religious forms.

Carpets of flowers are excellence model Catalan ephemeral art that has evolved and social impact since its inception. Involved three factors: the religious, artistic and cultural. It is the religious factor that motivates their creators. Over time, however, the manifestations of ephemeral art becomes an element of popular culture and traditional associations rooted in Catalan, which acts as an integrating factor of the company, with no ties or support the historical legacy . Is this the historical legacy passed from generation to generation and kept alive the interest of the people who practice it.

Was established in 2005 in Catalonia Federation of Catifaires an order to join efforts to maintain disseminate, preserve tradition while advancing the improvement of ephemeral art, to greater guarantees for the future. The Fourth International Congress of Ephemeral Art is an example of joint work carried out by the Federation. This congress will undoubtedly mark a before and after in innovation techniques, material and financial resources, to shared experiences. It is a conference open to all people who might be interested, to be participatory, which is prepared and discussed by the Management Committee of the International catifaires.

Catifaires The Catalan Federation is pleased to present you the opportunity to participate in this found study of innovation and debate. We invite you to share with experts from around the world, enjoying the convivial atmosphere that characterizes catifaire to do together, this Congress, a real fountain of new ideas to ensure the continuity of ephemeral art the success it deserves.

We are very excited and happy to organize the Fourth Congress in Barcelona Ephemeral Art. We expect the highest partnership of catifaires of volunteers, of all institutions, organizations, private companies and many, many visitors.

Barcelona to become the Mercè festival an exhibition of the best carpets in the world. Barcelona will tour the shipyard, flowers and scents for men and women who put their best art, their creativity and their knowledge.

Heirs of catifaires precede us, true to its legacy, our obsession to continue practicing perfume and adorn the streets of the country, with our hands and our hearts.

Vicenta Pallarès i Castelló
Presidenta de la Federació d’Entitats Catifaires
Presidenta del IV Congrés internacional d’Art Efímer.  

Congress objectives

  1. Meet and share traditional techniques the making of ephemeral art rugs of different groups and countries.

  2. Analyze the benefits of social, cultural and educational participation of different groups of different ages, as well as integration of different nationalities.

  3. Define the criteria assessment artistic carpets of ephemeral art, made ​​with flowers and other natural materials.

  4. Approve the creation of a legal entity, which guarantees the continuity and persistence of ephemeral art rugs and representation of its members.

  5. Advocate the social and cultural area rugs art ephemera of popular culture as a national interest in the respective countries.

  6. Study the impact and economic benefit of making carpets of ephemeral art in promoting tourism in the localities where they are made. 

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